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Snowshoes and Ice Cream

Since The Wife and I had some pretty good practice last time and we were feeling confident in our abilities, we decided to take our snowshoe talents on the road.  At least to the other side of Geneva.

We loaded the truck and took off for Sampson State Park, a unique Park that previously housed a Naval training station during World War II and an Air Force base for training during the Korean War.  The Park is riddled with history and even a museum memorializing the daily lives of the former residents of Sampson.  As if this were not enough to attract visitors to the park, it also happens to be situated in close proximity to the grounds of the former Seneca Army Depot which are locally known to house a vast population of white deer who tend to frequent the grasses near the perimeter fences.

We were not there for the museums or the deer though.  We were there to snowshoe.  As we expected, there was an abundance of unblemished snow and we logged a few more miles on our still new, and brightly colored, snowshoes.  Winter in the Finger Lakes provides many unique opportunities along the lakes, snowshoeing on the beach is a new one for me.  But the snow was deep and the path was clear.

After hiking down the hill and across the beach we came upon the designated swimming area used during the summer months, and more importantly, the nearby playground.  Always a kid at heart, The Wife sought out the big-girl swings and proceeded to strip off her snowshoes and climb on.  The brief hiatus for reminiscing complete, shoes back on, we scaled the hill back towards the truck.  About this point the inexperience caught up with us and our legs began to feel the tug of the heavy snow and resist forward motion.  So of course when we finally did make it back to the truck we decided that a treat was in order…enter Friendly’s Ice Cream.

On the way back to the house we grabbed a quick meal and dessert at the local Americana chain restaurant and proceeded home to take the pup out for some exercise.

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Leftovers for Lunch

First day back to the office and how many of you filed in this morning with at least one Tupperware container full of holiday leftovers?  Happy Monday!

As the holiday over-eating season begins, and I prepare for my first distance foot race since high school, its good to pause and reflect as often as possible during this busy time.  In an attempt at doing just that I have begun carrying a camera wherever I go and snagging photos of mundane items that I would have previously allowed to diminish into the recesses of my memory, ergo here are some photos…

Place settings

The Main Event

It's cruel to look so good

Combat Helicopter

Vacation is always nice. Thanksgiving Thursday getting fat and lazy, followed by Black Friday where the whole nation appears determined to burn off every excess calorie ingested the previous day.  Watching movies and hunting rodents attempting to join in the feast. Honey-do lists and plumbing fixes.  The holidays are great!


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Bald Hill House

I figure as long as I am sharing my life with interested readers, perhaps I can enlist a little help and get some opinions while I am at it.  So lets hear what you have to say about some houses we find interesting.

My wife and I have set up a fairly decent time line for purchasing a house, we have some financial goals to meet and are well on the correct path to meeting those goals.  That does not mean we aren’t looking though!  In fact, for about a year now we have been closely monitoring the real estate market, the past few months attending some open houses, and more recently even made some calls to some realtors to view some properties we were especially interested in (or just curious about.)

The house at Bald Hill is one of the later.  We found this listing and my Architectural curiosity took over.  There was just no way I could allow this house to be sold without us taking at least a walk through it.  And I am so glad I made the call!

The first thing the realtor told me when I spoke with her on the phone was that we would need a 4-wheel drive vehicle to access the property…AWESOME! As we approached the driveway I discovered that to be quite true.  The property is land-locked on all sides with a dense woods and only accessible via a single long driveway that more closely resembles a dry stream bed.


Once the journey to the clearing in the woods is completed the house becomes visible as a towering white mass within the predominantly green landscape.  As for a description, I will let the images speak for themselves. ..

The interior was exactly as I had hoped, and matched the exterior in style and atmosphere.  There were large rounded arch openings as separation elements within the open floor plan. Extensive mezzanines wrapping the entrance room, great cast iron chandlers that seemed to have spent the first part of its life in a medieval castle, and three full floors in the tower, currently being unused.  Unfortunately, I did not notice until too late that the batteries in my camera were dying, but you get the idea.

Great rounded archways, very dramatic!

Fantastic spiral staircase

The only access to the upper floors

Too big to move, the pool table comes with the house

Industrial-type kitchen, most appliances salvaged from restaurant

There were a series of balconies on various floors on the way up the tower as well, including a roof deck that provided a view above the trees down towards the lakes on both sides.

From the “3rd floor”, not even to the top yet!

Overall the house was fantastic, a bit large and above our budget for the amount of work that would be necessary to convert this gem into a comfortable year-round home.  But some day to be sure, a home like this could be a great project!  This was great trip and a good experience for us to remind us of all the great opportunities that are available out there while purchasing a home and to not settle to early.

And after the house visit we jumped over to nearby Harriet Hollister Spencer State Recreational Area for some hiking with our pup, Regis.


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