Before Photos

By popular demand, I present to you the “Before” photos of our new home!

The wife and I have many, MANY, great projects planned for this house and property. Most of which we plan to endure ourselves.  We have been in the process of attempting to begin a joint blogging project in which we document and share our progress as we tackle the challenges of moving into our first home and maintaining a nearly 100 year old structure.  This, coupled with the enormous amount of work involved in moving into a house and settling all our belongings has been a major cause for delay with updates.  Hopefully, this new model of progress updates will encourage us to post much more frequently with greater content!

The front door.

The Front Door

Living Room on the Right, Stairs to the Left, Kitchen Straight up the middle.

Front Entrance

The Living Room

Living Room 1

Living Room 2

The Wood Stove (and Regis before we removed his radar dish)


View from the Front Porch, accessible only through the Living Room

Front Porch

The Kitchen and the largest complication with the house, this is the ONLY counter space.

Kitchen Counter

The high shelves are fairly useless, even I, at 6’2″ need a step stool to reach.

Kitchen Cabinets

The Dinning end of the combined Kitchen / Dinning Room

Dinning Room

The Basement

The Basement

The “Work bench,” obviously this is woefully insufficient for the projects we have planned, a planned expansion into the entire garage is in order.

The Work Bench

The Second Floor

Second Floor

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Closets

Master Bedroom Windows

Second Bedroom

Second Bedroom Closet

Second Bedroom Flowers



Third Bedroom

Third Bedroom Closet

Third Bedroom Stairs


Attic Stairs

Finished Attic





Beside Garage


Garage Doors

Garage Wall 1


Garage Wall 2

There will be many more photos to follow, and look out for an announcement of the new blog!

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Taco Rack – Part 2

There has been a lot of exciting developments the past few weeks. Paramount of which is the purchase and move into our new home! Amongst the chaos of Realtors, lawyers and mortgage brokers I did manage to complete the cargo rack  for my Tacoma in time to transport the first of our possessions to the new digs.

The process is lengthy and about as exciting as watching stain, or urethane, dry.  In fact that is precisely what I did for almost 3 weeks.  Each night after the 45 minute commute home I had enough time to apply exactly one-half of one coat of either stain or sealant to the disassembled cargo rack.

The following is largely a photographic documentation of the finishing process, and as a bonus, the first few truck loads of items we moved into the new place using the still-not-fully-cured cargo rack.


Stain and Seal





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Tacoma Rack Build

Surprisingly, I was actually able to reach my goal stopping point on a build in the allotment of time I estimated! With a little assistance from my Dad during the waning hours of daylight, I ended up packing it in well after night fall, and just minutes before the rain started.

The Tacoma Rack was a sort of shotgun project with little planning other than a napkin sketch from just about a week ago.  The primary aesthetic was to be determined by the type of wood I would be able to salvage from the property.  I was pleased to find a few old barn beams roughly the same dimensions and I began leaning towards the clear sealant timber-framed look.

After fully assembling the frame it was clear that the clear sealant would be a difficult decision as there were many varying ages and qualities of wood pulled together for the final product.  Currently I am researching a few methods and products of spray applied bed lining for a final surface coat.  But I didn’t want to get the old beams wet until they were sealed with something.

The remainder of this week I plan to sand, prime, and finish the lumber to hopefully have it completed by next week.  As long as it was fully assembled on the truck though, I couldn’t resist trying it out.  I was relieved to find that two full kayaks are capable of laying flat side-by-side, and the big 29er still fits on the bed mounts without a problem.

Of course to fully understand the load carrying capabilities I had to crawl up there myself and see how it felt…

…a bit high, but with the addition of a sheet of 4′ x 8′ plywood it would work nicely as a sleeping platform.

One last exciting recent development, crawling around in the rafters  of the barns this weekend searching for quality lumber, I managed to pull down an old push reel mower that has been stored up in the rafters for as long as I can remember.  I was pleased to discover it still worked quite well and will work great for the .12 acre lot our future home sits on.

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