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Please excuse this interruption…

After this brief public service announcement we will return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

It has been longer than I prefer since my last post and while I do not wish to make excuses for this span of time I do wish to offer an explanation.  I work in a small Architecture firm in a small city, we have recently acquired two new ambitious project managers, an engineering and surveying department, some very large projects, but no additional draftsmen.  This past week the “production staff” has spent an unusually large amount of hours at our desks crunching numbers and clicking mice to meet some aggressive deadlines.

Fortunately for me, I am spared from working on the largest project that is consuming the rest of the office, which means instead I am responsible for many other projects to pick up the slack created by the draw to the large project.  I had a 100% design review that I delivered to the client this morning at 7:30am and with that delivery comes the prospect of a slightly less chaotic work schedule.  Hopefully this means that the writing time I typically dedicate to processing and verbalizing my  thoughts will no longer be taken up with earning my salary.  With this announcement I hope to resume regular transmission as I have come to realize that even though it has been barley a week since my last post, I have missed the process and welcome the return.

That is all.

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